Two Minute Tune-up 11.22.11 Choose Sides Now

Just in case you anticipate a challenge or two over the holidays…


If we are aware of the innate value of everyone we will be around…

If we appreciate people and all the other good things we often take for granted…

If we are available to make a difference where we can and to leave each moment better than we found it…

We’ll avoid the anxiety, anger, arrogance and other potential mood changers and energy sappers that often accompany the holidays.

Your friends and relatives will be grateful.

Well…some of them might say, What got into him?

But do it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Two Minute Tune-up 11.22.11 Choose Sides Now

  1. Good thinking, Pam…. My focus this Thanksgiving will draw from that thought…. I declare that I will look at every person to see and imagine the positive values they have with in them and then take steps to highlight those values, thus drawing them out for the benefit of the rest of the people in the room, which in turn benefits the person…. Glory!

  2. That’s great, Ron! Thank you for your comments. When our focus is on others (no strings attached), it’s amazing how they come alive and respond. We just have to show up for them without the agenda. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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