Two-Minute Tune-Up 1.31.13 Dr. Blooper

Reviewing my life, this name, Dr. Blooper, pops into my mind. Really! There’s no denying that I was a seasoned expert in chaos.

But it’s completely okay! In spite of missing so many opportunities due to blurting, a lack of decorum, ignorance of protocol, silly mistakes, miscalculations, and immaturity, I still ended up with quite an interesting life.

There was a time when I would have shrunk away from, tried to disown, and been discouraged about the not-so-shining moments. Now, I laugh at them and own my humanity. What fun it is to get the ego out of the way! And, what a weight we take off ourselves and others when we quit trying to look so perfect!

Paradox: Your shortcomings can become your greatest assets, once you surrender and accept them. – David Burns (Feeling Good)



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