Stranger Morphs into Person of Interest!

There are so many advantages to living among friends rather than strangers…unless, of course, you’re hiding something or think that all people are dangerous. Of course some are. Most aren’t. If we guard ourselves from everyone, we rob ourselves. (Which is worse?).

But, if you would rather have fewer strangers in your life, here are a couple of tips for making it happen:

  • Notice similarities strangers have with you or someone you know
  • Remember everybody is somebody’s baby
  • Pray for their journey
  • Respect strangers as fellow travelers in a difficult world and not just as competitors for parking spaces
  • Wonder how your life will intersect with theirs in the future

When we do these things, our eyes will soften, our body will relax, and we may smile.







2 thoughts on “Stranger Morphs into Person of Interest!

  1. Pam, read your blog today on strangers. Made me think of my life growing up… moving 20+ times in the first 19 years. Strangers were my only friends! And the most for only a short period of time.


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