Demon Corralling and Killing


If we don’t do this before we get on with the day, our demons will take the liberty to come out of our minds and attack other people.

Whether we are aware of it or not, it’s a real-life horror movie, showing every day in a theater near you.

Even if we aren’t picking up guns and shooting, our demons are convincing us to do other harmful things, such as:

  • Think malicious thoughts that come out in criticisms, sneers, eye-rolling, sarcasm, or Snidely Whiplash remarks
  • Withhold encouragement and praise from those who desperately need it
  • Be angry, resentful, or depressed
  • Drink too much, eat too much, everything too much
  • Yell and scream
  • Act like spoiled little kids

Save yourself the trouble. Corral and kill demons early and often.

snidely whiplash

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