Help for Saying Hard Stuff

truth2If this is you…you are not alone.

We’re often afraid to tell the truth because:

  • We may be rejected
  • We don’t want someone to be angry or hurt
  • It feels so frickin awkward

For both happy and sad messages, here are some good starters for easing into truth…

  • I owe you an apology…I should have said this a long time ago.
  • I was afraid of your reaction, so I didn’t tell you the truth.
  • Will you forgive me for my lack of courage?
  • Can we start over?
  • This is very difficult for me to say because we don’t usually speak so honestly with each other, but I want you to know…

Helpful tip: Get detached from the outcome. Your part is to kindly speak the truth.

2 thoughts on “Help for Saying Hard Stuff

  1. I say, take your ego and throw it in the trash and do whats right period. Don’t be afraid of what people might think, do the right thing.

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