Productive Mental Routine

During high school, “How’s your PMA (positive mental attitude)?”  was this irritating question that I considered to be, well, stupid and shallow, even though proponents meant well.

But, this morning I woke up with “PMR (Productive Mental Routine)” running through my mind.

PMR is apparently my upgraded, updated (although subconscious) version of this checkup practice. Reflecting, I realize my Productive Mental Routine consists of these four steps:

  1. Show Gratitude (for Everything)
  2. Believe (in a Miraculous, Supportive Universe)
  3. Surrender (Fear, Expectations, Judgments, Worry, Ego)
  4. Plan Action Steps (when Fully Awake and Rested)

So, when a middle-of-the-night wave of anxiety crashes over me, throwing me hard upon the shore of my mysterious existence, leaving my insides rolling, these steps, done in this order, always bring peace.


(Works during the day, too.)



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