The Inner Game



For whatever we want or need to do, the natural, human potential is profoundly adequateminus our own interference.

Ever self-sabotaged your potential by being too anxious, too controlling, too distracted, too uncomfortable, too afraid, or too self-centered?

The only way out of the trap is to possess a quiet, focused mind.

Sound impossible?

It isn’t…if a few minutes everyday are invested in learning the skill.

Start with this simple awareness exercise:

  1. Sit still
  2. Notice your breath
  3. Say “Just” as you breathe in
  4. Say “This” as you breathe out
  5. Repeat until your focus is just this

Next step?

  • Repeat every time your mind runs ahead

In my own experience, having a time of quiet surrender (of ego, agenda, worry, control) everyday has made all the difference.






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