Top Ten Quickest Ways to Move from Ordinary to Extraordinary

10. Read books and watch videos about your heroes. Take notes. Take action. (Power belongs to the brave.)

9.  Ask role-models questions. Take notes. Do what they say.

8.  Be completely aware and grateful in all your circumstances.

7.  Change routines often.

6.  Say yes when you used to say no.

5. Write down three pages of your scattered, stream-of-conscience thoughts every day until you find out who you really are.

4.  Create something, anything, now.

3.  Forgive yourself and everyone else. (This freedom is extraordinary and has extraordinary repercussions.)

2.  Own, and relentlessly use, your gifts for others. Be totally and completely yourself for this purpose.

1. See people, be completely present with them without thinking about your own agenda. (I meet thousands of people in my work and the rarest, most extraordinary do this.)


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