I’m Not in Charge of That

So often we think we know what another person should do, how they should change, or what would be good for them. How easy it is to waste our time preaching to them, talking about them to others, or stressing about their mistakes.

When we do this, we cut the creativity and patience of their creator out of the picture along with the existence of a master plan (that is a tad better than our own).

Regardless, parents, spouses, siblings, and friends often find it difficult to refrain from meddling.

We are only in charge of love.

If and when our services are needed, we will be asked.

Otherwise, it’s probably best to mind our own business and enjoy the show.


(or you may have to face this guy…)

mind your own business

5 thoughts on “I’m Not in Charge of That

  1. Reblogged this on Step Into My Head and commented:
    This was a very timely reminder for me today. I cannot control other people’s behavior – even (and especially) when it is appalling. All I can do is behave myself. But some days, that is oh so difficult!

    • thanks for the comment and your mature way of dealing with this challenge. Most of us find this to be challenging, but how peaceful our lives get when we “get it.”

  2. Awesome post. Being someone that struggles with anxiety, I know how people try to just tell you how to feel. “Just stop being scared” yeah, easier said than done; “what is it you are afraid of?” I myself don’t know, which is part of the problem; “you don’t even have huge problems anyways” I know! and that only makes me feel worse.

    But to those of my friends and family member who know about my condition and have stopped trying to order me how to feel and think, but instead just give me their unconditional love, I’m eternally greatful (:

    I love this post, you’re amazing!

    • You are amazing for hanging in there and putting up with people like me who said the wrong thing and didn’t get it! So sorry for your struggles and glad that you are reaching out to me, too!

  3. Could I get a follow? Ilove your blog

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