Got Magic Health?

Endocrinologist Deepak Chopra tells of University-of-Ohio-research conducted on the effects of high-cholesterol diets. One group of rabbits used in the study was surprisingly unaffected by the unhealthy diet. The only variable was the feeder’s tender love and care for the rabbits during the feedings.

Deepak’s point was that our health is more determined by our emotional state than by the quality of the food, supplements, or medications we ingest. Worry about anything (including our health) can override the best of diets, and a sense of well-being can overcome the worst.

Want more proof? Studies have also shown that top indicators for avoiding heart disease are…

  1. How happy we perceive ourselves to be, and
  2. How much we love our jobs

Just a reminder about what counts:

body mind




4 thoughts on “Got Magic Health?

  1. It’s ironic that this article gives me anxiety. ha. Seriously though, it’s an added pressure that you have to feel happy out of obligation. It’s not a criticism against the author btw. I’m simply saying that this kind of information feeds the problem for those that already KNOW it’s a problem. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts here.

    • Thank you so much for reminding me of this different perspective and real anxiety issue that many people face. Does it help at all to replace the word “happy” with trusting or surrender?

  2. Thank you for this! What a revealing bit of information. We all know instances, maybe even have actual acquaintances who seem to laugh in the face of all caution – they smoke, drink, eat what they want and yet they are happy and healthy. Conversely we all know people who struggle insanely with health problems and they do everything “right”. I have always been one of those who is healthier than I have any right to be and yes, I am a happy, loving and loved person. My guiding factor has always been simply LOVE and love doesn’t fret, worry, condemn, try to change or blame. Love accepts and rejoices!

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