Loyalty By Default?

Many years ago, I was in charge of a company’s award banquet. While honoring a dear woman for 35 years of service, she said to me, “I’m embarrassed by the whole thing. I only stayed because I hated change and was too scared to leave.”

I knew the feeling. Many of us do. The voice in our head tells us the unknown evil lurking out there will probably be worse than the evil we already know so well.

So we…

  • Rob ourselves of our dreams, and
  • Rob the world of our best selves

Quite a price to pay.


The question we have to ask is this; “Which error hurts ourselves and others most? Living a passionless life or the errors we might make seeking our true destiny?”


2 thoughts on “Loyalty By Default?

  1. Hi, Pam

    That’s sad but true for some. Today it seems like the news wants to keep people continually afraid. A friend of mine calls this the FUD factor – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. It is a sells technique.

    I enjoy your posts so much because they help us keep our head up – and clear!



    Neal R. Ostman, CPA

    Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas 76304





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    • Thanks, Neal! That means a lot coming from you. And, it is so true that the news uses FUD as the hook. They have figured out that the only things our brain will listen to are: How to Avoid Pain and How to Experience Pleasure. If we want to be a discerning audience, we have to recognize the seduction and remaining a reasoning entity.

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