Do You Have a Chaos Management Plan (CMP)?

When the day starts out great and something or someone changes our momentum and steals our peace, there are ways to get it back fast.

Here’s my CMP:

  1. I won’t be surprised. I’ll be prepared ahead of time by remembering Helen Keller’s words, “The world is full of trouble but it is also full of overcomers.”
  2. I won’t try to protect my ego. I’ll let it go. Who I am never depended on anyone’s else’s assessment or opinion of me, anyway.
  3. I won’t be afraid to ask, “What do I need to learn from this situation about myself?”
  4. I won’t judge the motives of other parties.  I’ll give the benefit of a doubt (that I would like to be given).
  5. I won’t take the easy way out…

dale carnegie



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