All Our Dragons


Recently, I looked at my life through the lens of this Rilke quote and my heart recognized that every person, event, pain, disappointment, and fear was asking for my:

  •  compassion instead of judgment
  •  acceptance instead of resistance

This doesn’t mean that I was supposed to be a doormat or that I shouldn’t fight with passion for what I believed. But, if the dragon was cancer, death, betrayal, loneliness, failure, or something worse, the first step was always to completely see it, embrace it, and honor its advent. Only then would I be ready for the fight.

This is true nobility and true grace. 


One thought on “All Our Dragons

  1. This is great Pam. How true!! We tend to deal with the pain and disappointments in life with first fear and then bitterness etc all the negative stuff. How true to first acknowledge the situation and then deal w it in a different positive way!! The results and ultimately what u learn from the situation is priceless!

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