Alternative to Being Abducted by Martians

peculiar children

I can so relate to this quote from the author of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Into my teens, I frequently sat out in the woods hoping and waiting for Martians to take me away. I did this because I was so bored with my life and thought I was alien-like: so different from (and inferior to) my peers. But, the Martians never came.

Instead, I was forced to grow up–and into an appreciation for my one amazing life.

It took a while, but today, I am so glad that I can marvel at the miracle of:

  • me
  • sunlight
  • living things all around me
  • mistakes that turn into miracles
  • and the countless other humans who feel so much like I did



4 thoughts on “Alternative to Being Abducted by Martians

  1. Thank you for sharing this quotes 🙂
    Indeed, our life was never ordinary.

    ~ Girl in Pink

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