Isn’t There a Shortcut?

Numerous medical and psychological studies have proven that a daily practice of quieting the mind and transcending the demands of life adds years (worth living) to our lives.

So, why do most of us find it so very difficult to do?

  1. It’s much easier to focus on what’s in front of us?
  2. We think doing is more important than being?
  3. We believe we are the general manager of the universe?
  4. We have forgotten the unfathomable mystery of our existence and how utterly dependent we are on the force behind that mystery?

The only way out of fear, confusion, anger, negativity, disappointment, exhaustion, and pain…is in.

Don’t wait until it’s over to discover there was no shortcut.

rule your mind

Start now.


One thought on “Isn’t There a Shortcut?

  1. Reblogged this on Step Into My Head and commented:
    I was particularly struck by #2. Our society values ‘doing’ much more than ‘being.’ I’ve often thought about meditation, but have always ended up quitting, because I wasn’t ‘doing’ anything while meditating. It seemed like wasting time. Now I’m reconsidering – surely it’s ok to take a few minutes from my day to just ‘be,’ right?

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