My Top 10 Most Important Discoveries

  1. If I live as if the world can’t hold me back, it can’t.
  2. If I give freely with no strings attached, I also give to myself.
  3. If I hold back anything because of fear, I have been tricked.
  4. If I am greedy, I lose what I was trying to hang on to.
  5. If I act courageously (even when scared to death), my capabilities will surprise me.
  6. If I am grateful, I attract kind and interesting people (and experiences) to myself.
  7. If I forgive myself and others, I find joy and relief.
  8. If I let go of things I cannot control, I age backwards.
  9. If I’m bored or feel stuck, it’s because my focus is too narrow.
  10. If I want a happy life, it’s up to me.




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