“Resetting Ourselves to Zero”

My Facebook writer friend, Dana King, used this term to describe an approach for learning from others. Here are some critical times I needed (but didn’t use) this approach:

  • A boss told me that my attitude was negative, arrogant, and oppositional. I told him he was wrong.
  • A potential agent criticized my script. I told him I wasn’t interested in hearing his suggestions.
  • A Grammy-nominated editor suggested removing certain scenes from a film I made. I was convinced my idea was better.

In all these cases, the reaction I chose brought my success to a complete, expensive, painful (and now embarrassing) halt.

Today, I’ll practice “resetting myself to Zero” by

  1. Letting go of my ego
  2. Seeking out advice
  3. Valuing others’ experience
  4. Hearing without saying but, however, and no




2 thoughts on ““Resetting Ourselves to Zero”

  1. amazing and well presented, greetings peace be with you 🙂

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