Not Talking about Positive Thinking


For many years, I fervently resisted the sentiment in the above quote, maintaining that positive thinking dodged reality. What I failed to realize was that changing our thoughts wasn’t about being positive; it was, instead, about choosing the quantity of thoughts we devote to unproductive topics.

Examples of unproductive thinking (that never change anything):

  • “Life sucks. There is no hope for me.”
  • “No one understands what I am going through.”
  • “I can’t overcome this. I’ll never feel better.”
  • “Nothing ever goes well for me.”
  • “If only…”
  • They did this to me. I hate them for it.”
  • “I want them to suffer like I have suffered.”

Example of a thought that changes our world:

“Bring it on. I was created for this: worthy and strong.”

Not sappy positive.



One thought on “Not Talking about Positive Thinking

  1. Absolutely! Not sappy positive.. productive. insightful. Great way to say it. Nice post, stay in touch.

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