Feeling Injustice


che quotes

The movie, Motorcycle Diaries, chronicles Che Guevara’s personal transformation while traveling through South America after finishing medical training. Helping out in a leprosy colony, witnessing the effects of greed and exploitation in Latin America, and living among the poorest of the poor radically changed his life direction.

Whether we agree with his politics or not, his willingness to use his gifts to advocate for others is inspiring.

Spanish painter, Sorolla, also did so with his painting. After witnessing a kind priest care for a group of invalid children at the beach, he allowed himself to feel it enough to do something about it.


His work, Sad Injustice, went out to touch millions (even a century later).

If we “see,” we can feel. If we feel, we can make a difference.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Injustice

  1. It is ignorant to quote this mass murderer as an inspirational figure.

    • I hear your comment and do understand that Che is a controversial figure in history. I have read much about his life, am puzzled and troubled by parts and inspired by other parts. It seems there are dark and light parts to each of us. For me, his light outweighs his darkness. Please forgive me if this was offensive to you.

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