Intricacies and Mysteries


Each day of my adult life I am more amazed at the way all things are connected. If I stop long enough to trace a thread of connection with an event or a person, the pattern is no less interesting than an intricate work of art and the experience is similar to the enjoyment found in reading a great book.

The challenge is in the stopping to notice part.

In order to do so, I must treat fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration as unwelcome guests and adamantly deny them access in my story.

And, since I am a co-author of my own story, I can choose to write a main character that overcomes all obstacles in an breath-taking climax that pulls all the mysteries together in the end.





2 thoughts on “Intricacies and Mysteries

  1. Betsy Fitzpatrick

    Hi Pam,

    Just a quick note to say “hi”! I am enjoying your daily posts so much – they’re always spot-on. Here’s an Elvis Costello song I thought of when I read today’s post:

    All the best,

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