The Truth about Excuses

1. No one is buying.

2. While we’re dishing them out, our “stock is falling.”

3. By not making them, we are preserving the airspace and making it more pleasant for those who must share it with us.

4. Want to sound immature? Make an excuse after every failure.

5. Only novices rattle on about all the reasons they failed.

6. The wise honestly own their failures, extract their value, and move on quickly.

7. Making excuses is not only is a waste of our time, it is a waste of everyone else’s too.

8. When our excuses get to someone else’s ear, it sounds like this, “Blah, blah, blah.”

9. Excuse making won’t be such a temptation if we remember our value is not dependent upon the opinions of others.


10. We’re worth more than that.



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