Giving up So Easily?

A woman was telling me about all the people who have hurt her and destroyed her chances for happiness. When I asked her if she thought other people have had someone in their lives who have hurt them too, she said, “No.”

I was dumbfounded.

She continued, “No, not like people have hurt me.”


Her response made me wonder about the times I have failed to seek out and listen to role-models who have suffered greatly yet taken a higher road and overcome the obstacles that had stopped me.

How many times have I excused myself by focusing on my circumstances and others’ mistakes, when I am so much more than that?

too small



5 thoughts on “Giving up So Easily?

  1. Nothing will stop someone that believes there is someone else!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~ Cynicism can cause more pain than any human can inflict ~AmazinglyBrash~….this is me agreeing with your post!!!!

  2. Continue shining the light! Thank you for being so inspirational all the time x

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