Quit Laying the Bricks


No doubt there are terrible circumstances and people that  limit and “confine” us.

No doubt that our lives have not turned out the way we planned.


there are countless people like us who have broken out of impossibly tough situations.

We can keep telling ourselves that our situation is different, that we are forever trapped, that we have tried but our problems are higher and deeper than others’ problems or…

we can quit laying those bricks

quit fortifying the walls with the mortar of  our despair

 and quit ignoring hope when it calls.

(First step: Watch, listen to, read about, and believe our heroes who smile, dance, and love outside their walls, and wonder why they stayed confined so long.)



9 thoughts on “Quit Laying the Bricks

  1. True, thanks for the inspiration

  2. My uncle Ray (dad’s brother) would be 110 years old this year. He participated with the WAP program as a brick layer during the Great Depression. He and several others laid the bricks in BrickTown Oklahoma City, bricks and mortar which are still there today long after their deaths.

  3. That should be WPA. It was a little before my time.

  4. Pam, your words made me think about the strength of the “brick walls” we (or I) have put up in our lives then my mind wandered to Uncle Ray the bricklayer.

  5. Reblogged this on Two-Minute Tune-Up and commented:

    This was a good reminder for me. Playing the victim wastes everyone’s time.

  6. This so sad but so true. People built walls to protect themselves but actually isolate themselves from friends, family and spouses. Lonely way to live.

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