Bundy: Cliven or Al? Hero or Confused?


Al Bundy attempted to make ignorance, self-interest, intolerance, small-mindedness, and bigotry funny. Cliven Bundy, the conservative rancher who challenged the Federal Government over land rights, took a stab at making those attributes admirable…in the name of freedom.

Unfortunately, all of us can fall into the “Bundy trap” in the attempt to protect our own interests.

So, where does standing up for yourself against “the Man” (or against injustice) go wrong?

Best guess:

  • Assuming all of our beliefs are truths
  • Limiting our sources for information
  • Refusing to listen to other perspectives
  • An unwillingness to check our experience against history and data
  • A distrust of everyone who is not like us


It seems that the only way to protect ourselves without disregarding others is to have a regular routine for careful self-examination.



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