This, Too, Shall…Change


After a disappointing experience the other day I decided to go on with joy instead of visiting the depths of lethargy and despair (as I formerly would have done).  So glad I did, because a few hours later I was able to see my circumstances in a larger context.

Reflecting upon my own history and listening to others talk about their problems, this theme of feeling like “everything is terminal” is so prevalent, even though most of us have…

  • seen dormant winter change into vibrant spring time and time again
  • survived (and even thrived) through terrible deaths and losses
  • and lived to see better days

Taking the philosopher-poet, Rilke’s advice saves our emotional energy so we can invest it in a productive future.

2 thoughts on “This, Too, Shall…Change

  1. Great way to look at it, happy to hear!! 🙂 Love your site, keep up the great work and stay positive!!

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