I “Con du it”

When my aging (and already difficult) mother started having bouts of dementia, my siblings asked me to move her from Little Rock to live near me in Dallas. I had recently started a new business, was up to my eyeballs in debt, and had no time or money for Mom.  Mired in self-pity while driving my little VW to Little Rock, I almost heard an audible voice saying,

“Do you love your Mom?”

“Sure I do.” I said back.

“Do you want your mother to be cared for?”

“Of course.”

“That’s all that matters. Don’t worry about anything else.”

And all worked out…much better than I could have ever imagined.

Today, this is my reminder to show up, be completely present, and just be a conduit for the plan.




3 thoughts on “I “Con du it”

  1. Well said! Too many expectations for what will happen has definitely hurt my progress. I realize that sometimes/most times showing up is the tough part. But when you do the universe seems to give you great rewards that more times than not were unexpected.

  2. Thanks, Warren! Always praying for your progress!

  3. Great insight and brief story, so happy it worked out for you! Sometimes we try to plan out everything in our head before we take a step, but that’s unrealistic. Great share!
    – Zachary from http://quickmeups.com

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