Bathing the Brain


A friend told me about how she had gone through a sort-of awakening out of depression. When I talked to her a few weeks later and found she was wrestling with the same old issues, I was confused…until I remembered this quote.

Without a routine for staying productive, even after epiphanies, revelations, or radical conversions, we will slip back into old patterns pretty easily.

Those of us who will thrive will find ways to “bathe our brain” every day.

Here are some ways that work for me:

  • Daily meditation
  • Reading lots of books
  • Watching TED Talks
  • You-Tube videos of my heroes
  • Hanging out with friends who have passion and mission

You can call it brain-washing if you want to. I call it multiplying my options.




2 thoughts on “Bathing the Brain

  1. Boy, I needed this today…thanks for the reminder……


    Jean Casey


  2. Thanks for letting me know, Jean! I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately.

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