Confusing Behaviors

I never bought the notion that kids misbehave because they want attention. When I “misbehaved” at home or at work, it was because I didn’t know how to win; I was frustrated, desperately trying to figure out some way to survive.

I lied in an attempt to avoid the bad version of my mother.

I cried and threw tantrums at home because I felt hopeless.

I became sarcastic and oppositional at work becausefelt like a victim and didn’t know how to take control of my own destiny.

It wasn’t attention I needed, it was hope.


Unravel confusion for difficult people by answering these questions for us:

1.  How do I win?

2.  What’s on your wish list for me?

3.  What are the unwritten rules that you assume I understand?










2 thoughts on “Confusing Behaviors

  1. Great questions, thanks for sharing your insights!
    Made some modifications in the Qs:
    1. How do I win?
    With respect to my blog – 1,000 email subscribers is the year-goal, and would be a huge WIN for me.

    2. What’s on my wish list for me?
    To be able to make a living writing, speaking, sharing, helping, coaching, inspiring.

    3. What are the unwritten rules that I assume?
    That things have to be linear, when in reality, maybe they need to be non-linear jumps.

    I know I broke the rules a bit by changing the Qs Pam but I wanted to comment. Hope you’re well!
    – Zachary from

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