“Here Come Bad News Talkin’ This and That”

The six young adults who were arrested in Tehran for dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy” song, are having to live the message of the song. It’s difficult to keep singing when being persecuted for it, but not impossible. That’s the point.

Since they are getting worldwide attention, it looks like they may be able to leverage the bad news for good.

“Give me all you got. Don’t hold it back. ‘Cause I’m happy.”


“Can’t nothin’ bring me down.”

Happiness can only be a constant in our lives when we know that happiness is the truth…and is always within our grasp.

It’s okay to start dancing now. Glad they did in Tehran.


One thought on ““Here Come Bad News Talkin’ This and That”

  1. Betsy Fitzpatrick

    Thank you for this, Pam! Have you ever watched the “Where the Hell is Matt?” videos on YouTube? They are among my all-time favorites and if you’re having a bad day, they’re guaranteed to brighten up your world. Here’s one to start with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlfKdbWwruY

    All the best,

    Betsy Fitzpatrick

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