Dodgers’ Fan Is Not the Only One Who Is Brain Damaged


Bryan Stow’s claim that the Los Angeles Dodgers lacked sufficient uniformed security at the 2011 opening game definitely needs to be taken seriously, particularly since the beating he took in their parking lot left him severely brain-damaged.

What I’m wondering about is the brain-damage that accounts for these other things:

  1. Fans drinking so much that they find it reasonable to provoke and participate in fights of imaginary importance
  2. Fans that will watch a brutal fight over loyalty to a sports team without trying to stop it
  3. Authorities that cut corners with security to meet budget numbers and trust drunken fans not to do such stupid stuff

This will definitely be a tough court battle and potentially a tough call for the jury. In the meantime a responsible adult might want to consider these things:

  1. How to have a life so I don’t have to live vicariously through a sports team
  2. How to drink (or not) without starting or participating in fights
  3. How to have the kind of character that makes decisions for the good of all and not just for myself or my organization



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