The Way of Escape

When fifteen, I came to a crossroads of pain where I had to decide if life was worth living. One word saved my life: Surrender.

Since I wasn’t doing so well being in charge anyway, I decided to entrust myself to a Higher Wisdom, and right away, I found this promise:

  1. What I experienced was “common to mankind”
  2. I could handle all that would challenge me, and
  3. There would always be a way of escape so burdens wouldn’t annihilate me

That mysterious way of escape did appear. But, it often came in disguise so that I would grow in the process of discovery.

I remind myself today to look with eyes of hope for it, to refuse the cynicism and fear that says, “There is no way out.”


our future selves


5 thoughts on “The Way of Escape

  1. Good stuff.

  2. There is no way out to me because I find that because it is common to man kind and children feel compelled to tell me their family issues regardless of severity. It brings back emotional pain as well the desire to save others or be supportive. It pains me that families still hide behind the shame that is not there’s to have. I wish I could rid the evil behind their walls.

    • So sorry for your pain and so grateful for your compassion for others who suffer unnecessarily. For me, the way of escape came when I surrendered the burden and the responsibility for fixing things and decided to just be a conduit of love and mercy.

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