Soccer is Fun until It Kills You

world cup

World Cup mania! So cool to feel the excitement! So nice to have passion for a team! Unless…

  1. The team becomes the only thing
  2. You live vicariously through the team’s successes and forget to nurture your own
  3. When the team goes down, so do you
  4. It causes more disconnection than connection

We were made to win, to be strong, to be overcomers, to go deep into our capabilities and potentials. Teams are only metaphors of this struggle. All teams: soccer, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, chess, rugby, lacrosse, wrestling, track, etc., etc. When we forget this, we murder the hero.

There’s a you inside of “The Fan” that wants to come out and play…and live, and win.

(And, that’s more exciting than the World Cup…or any playoff.)

world cup2



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