Shutting Ourselves Down


I am generally very good at this. I think and say No and But far too often, rather than, Yes or Let’s try! or Why not?

This has been my MO primarily because I have a phobia of rejection or getting in trouble or looking like a fool. (I’m getting nervous right now just thinking about pushing the limits.)

In order to be bold, I have to feed on a steady diet of, “Life is to be dashingly used and cheerfully hazarded,” or of Fosdick, who said…


So, what’s at stake if I argue for my limitations and “feed myself” fear, caution, and resignation instead?

Only the opportunity to make the most of (and the biggest impact with) my unique gifts and this very fleeting life.


One thought on “Shutting Ourselves Down

  1. Right there with you. We need to push, pull and prod ourselves. Yet, mostly we need to realize that we each are unique and gifted to be just who we are to complete our indiviual mission. So what do we have to be afraid of?

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