If You Want to Be a Draw

To draw  energy, experiences, joy, and the right people toward us, we must have qualities of gravity: the pull, the gravitas, the force.

If we think about the people we admire or enjoy being around, it’s not hard to identify the elements of those qualities.

Yesterday, I noticed these qualities in Lisa Huffaker, a presenter at Last Writes of Spring Literary Festival. She taught kids (and adults) to make their own small magazines, and she was so completely present and delighted in the process!

lisa huffaker

Passion, childlike delight, presence, courage, contentment, and not taking oneself too seriously; these are the qualities that draw me in. These are the qualities I want to have today. Thanks Lisa Huffaker for reminding me.





2 thoughts on “If You Want to Be a Draw

  1. Hi Pam, you already have all of those great qualities, and so many more!!👏👍👌

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