10 Reasons Mother Teresa Was So Happy

  1. She followed the needy, not the rich
  2. She friended the friendless, not the famous
  3. She didn’t worry about her identity, but about those without identity
  4. She wasn’t concerned about weight loss but about gravitas
  5. She worried about the face of poverty and despair, not her own
  6. She did what she could instead of complaining about what she couldn’t
  7. She didn’t take no for an answer, but became the answer for the “No!”
  8. She didn’t complain about government and politicians, but inspired governments and politicians by doing what needed to be done
  9. She didn’t worry about being remembered, but about remembering the poor
  10. She figured out what it meant by, “the last will be first”

When unhappiness takes over my life, it is usually because I have things out of order.

mother teresa

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Mother Teresa Was So Happy

  1. Lisa Williams

    Great Reminder Pam!!!! Thank You!!!!!

  2. Love, love, love Mother Teresa! What a wonderful woman to emulate.

    • A woman the world was not worthy of

      • If she was asked she would have said that she was not worthy of this world. Yet, she knew that God never asked great people to do anything. She knew that God asked little people to do great things. And to me that is what makes her so inspirational.
        That and she was so very persistent! 🙂

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