Best Arguments for Destroying Our Enemies


When I look at people as my enemies I miss at least three important things:

  1. All of us are struggling with the same things: that quest for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.
  2. Coexisting on that quest is very tricky. We all knock each other off the sidewalk sometimes.
  3. None of us has it figured out, and, consequently, do things that are really whacked.

So why not forgive?

My most persuasive arguments for forgiving?

  1. It makes my face look better
  2. Bitterness never got anyone anywhere (except more messed up)
  3. If I am light-hearted it is easier for me to find love and meaningful work (the two things I ultimately need)
  4. It expands my world instead of shrink-wrapping it
  5. I’ve been forgiven, too, when I didn’t really deserve to be











One thought on “Best Arguments for Destroying Our Enemies

  1. The key is to purposefully and intentionally find something you like about that person 😉

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