On the Other Side of Embarrassment

A woman stood nervously in line waiting to pay for her lunch.

She was broke, but had eaten out with coworkers, and, now, would have to pay her bill with a roll of quarters, a roll of pennies, and some loose change from the bottom of her purse. To make matters worse, she couldn’t take care of it quietly, but had to plop the coin down in front of a swarm of onlookers.

Her face and neck were turning beet-red as she approached the counter and said, “I know this is weird and I’m so sorry, but I have to pay with these.”

Little did she know that I was standing behind the register, without any one to help me, in dire need of, and praying for, quarters and pennies.


You are needed…just the way you are.






2 thoughts on “On the Other Side of Embarrassment

  1. Reblogged this on Two-Minute Tune-Up and commented:

    This reminder was helpful for me this morning. I thought it might be worth reposting for someone else. Have a great weekend!

  2. Very touching !!!

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