Stephen King on Living with Fear

In the end there were only two rules for living with fear (he had come to believe conquering fear was a myth)…I must accept things over which I have no control. I must turn my adversities into advantages.”

These are the words Stephen King gave Dale Barbara, the hero in Under the Dome.

These are also the rules that will give us the courage to fight our battles (rather than decide we are too scared, weak, or unable to do so). When we accept what is, we free up the energy we would have wasted on anger, bitterness, jealousy and despair so we can use it to leverage our adversities for ourselves and others.

Whether fictional or real, the people we admire (and the people we can becomedon’t let fear call the shots.


One thought on “Stephen King on Living with Fear

  1. Was it not the wise old sage, Ian Brown who said Forget Everything A Remember, For Everything A Reason.

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