Miserable for Nothing

According to optometrists, 86% of contact wearers experience discomfort with their lenses, yet only 24% actually tell their doctors about this discomfort.

And why don’t they don’t speak up?

  1. Afraid the doctor will not prescribe contacts for them in the future
  2. They think nothing can be done about it

So very tragic because, according to optometrists, in most cases the discomfort can be easily remedied!

In life, we often put up with things that we do not have to for the same wrong reasons: fear and ignorance. We allow those two villains to steal our lives only because we are so heavily invested in our inaccurate stories and explanations.

Ratatouille perspective quote

Demand release.

Dine hungrily on new perspectives.

Reject limiting beliefs.

Then stay tuned for relief.




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