I Just Like to Punish Myself


No one likes to feel upset, out of control, crazy, unhealthy, or unhappy. Yet, in spite of this, we often help ourselves to generous doses of anger (that has been proven to do all these things to us)!

We may blame circumstances or “some stupid or insensitive excuse-for-a-human-being” for our unhappy state, but if anger is not converted to positive action quickly, we are the only one to blame for the pain.

I’m not suggesting that we stuff it or pretend not to be angry. This will certainly lead to the worst kind of trouble.

Anger is a natural emotion that must be felt: felt and released.

Only this will stop the madness.


One thought on “I Just Like to Punish Myself

  1. 2002 2002 2002 2002 PARTY TIME!!!!

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