Just Practicing for War

While waiting to get through customs in an airport I noticed an older brother intentionally running into his younger sister with a luggage cart. The screams and accusations that followed helped me understand the Gaza Strip.

Sharing this world with others is a challenge, and not just on the Gaza Strip.

Egos don’t like to share. (Surprising statistic: seventy-five percent of all homicides are committed by a family member.)

Whether with family, lovers, neighbors, or strangers, when our ego raises its ugly head, we can either recognize and address our war-like tendencies,


or we can pretend war is something that happens between countries.

In that case, you may want to excuse your rage by saying, “Never mind my anger. I’m just practicing for war.”





2 thoughts on “Just Practicing for War

  1. Where were the parents?
    We are all capable but we must practice peace.

  2. They were there, screaming at them to stop fighting. I could see the jealousy (motivated by fear of losing or sharing the parents’ approval) in the boy’s face. Fear of losing something we need always hides behind violence.

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