How You Rate with Your Peeps

This survey was inspired by the discomfort I noticed recently

among a group of friends and their partners.

If interested in enjoying people that we hang with (or are forced to hang with),

honest answers are imperative.

Answer the following questions (with a specific association in mind) using the scale below. Then, add up your total points and check your score below.

1 – Never

2 – Occasionally

3 – Usually

4 – Always

1. I have confidence that this person or group really “sees” me. ______

2. We talk about things that matter. ______

3. I ask questions about them because I want to understand who they are. _______

4. I don’t have to pretend to be interested in them. _______

5. I praise them for what they do well. ______

6. I think about the things we have in common. ______

7. I hope I can help them be more successful or get what they need. ______

                                                                                      Total Points               ______


21-28 Points – Preferred Peep

20-14 Points – Preferred Peep Potential

   13-7 Points  – Just Tolerating Each Others’ Egos



2 thoughts on “How You Rate with Your Peeps

  1. Life’s too short to spend much time with non-preferred Peeps!


    Jean Casey


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