Who Thrives?

I asked a prison psychologist what the biggest challenge of her job was. She said it was being willing to forgive rapists and murderers enough to try to help them.

To make it easier for herself she planted two seedlings in paper cups. One she placed on the window sill and watered regularly. The other she placed on a shelf and hardly ever watered. As she observed the stunted growth and the gnarly roots of the neglected plant, she grew more compassionate toward the “evil” men.

All healthy living things need:

  • The sunshine of love
  • Means to receive nutrients

Also (critical for thinking and confusable humans):

  • Clarity about how to avoid a loss of those two things

When people are confused about this, unfortunate things happen to them.









One thought on “Who Thrives?

  1. In the ancient Yin/Yang symbol we see the merging of two opposite and opposing sides merging and commingling together to create a whole.
    We all have the light in us (good) and we all have the dark in us (evil). This is a difficult concept to grasp as we struggle to make sense out of horrible crimes that some commit. Yet, we destroy ourselves and the fabric of society when we focus upon the “evil” instead we have to outshine it with our light.
    Never easy but always needed.
    I do not envy your friend her job yet I commend her for figuring out a way to add love to a dark soul.

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