Mind Fixers

Thinking about the times my mind crawled out of a rut…a book was often the catalyst…and the fuel.

Age & Book:

13 – Where The Red Fern Grows: First time I knew a book could be my friend

16 – Good News for Modern Man: An easy to read Bible that morphed into a love letter when I surrendered to it

17 – The Hiding Place – Eye-opening courage and sacrifice

24 – Tale of Two Cities: Inspired to be as noble as Lucy and Sydney Carton

25 – The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Much needed perspective about my own problems

48 – Return to Love – When someone in a relationship suffers, so do I

54 – The Alchemist – Inspired to discover my own legend

55 – 50 Success Classics – Ways to triumph

55 – Leveraging the Universe – Hope


What books help you crawl out of a rut?

4 thoughts on “Mind Fixers

  1. You ever read The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison? Excellent!


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  2. I’ll get it! Thanks, Sean!

  3. >10 The Boxcar Children I was inspired by their resilience and ability to make it on their own no matter what.
    >13 Little House on the Prairie – series – I had the first understanding of how a family was supposed to be, and how hard work and integrity paid off.
    > The Diary of Anne Frank – I finally knew who I was. *longer story
    >Auto/ biographies of Clara Barton, Helen Keller, Susan B Anthony, and Marie Curie. I learned a woman can do anything. Any ONE woman can do anything and persistence pays off. It may not be now, but it will.
    Twilight Series – Vampires sparkle?

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