Kind Regards

I was thinking about those two words the other day because they often appear as a closing in emails or letters. Even for those of us who say we don’t care what people think of us, “kind regards” feel good and are always preferable to unkind regards.

Kind regards often prevent:

  • drama
  • lawsuits
  • painful misunderstandings
  • unnecessary anger and frustration
  • a multitude of other evils

That’s why lawyers, leaders, and marketers of all kinds wisely work on the “likeability” factor.  We buy from, learn from, and follow people we like. Even though it is a futile pursuit to try to please everyone, it is a valid question to ask “How can I earn more kind regards?”

Start here:

Give more kind regards to others versus ambivalence, condescension, competition, and suspicion,




One thought on “Kind Regards

  1. Had to like. Keeping the kind regards moving and flowing.

    However, I do believe that we each have to test and try before we buy anything and every little thing just because everyone else is or does.

    Remember just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it good or right or right for me or you.

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