Feeling Like an Orphan

Four situations have brought on that feeling:

  • Working across the world, far from everything familiar
  • Deaths of parents or siblings
  • Rejection from those I love
  • The odd realization that friends or partners are really strangers that have no real ties to my origin


Yet, “family”  have always shown up in every place I’ve been.



Just as one lonely ray of sunshine

(that has slipped through the shades and into my room)

is not independent

of its birthing mother sun

so it is impossible for one of us

to be alone, isolated, or abandoned 

(as an orphan existing on our own)

unattached to the One Grand, Radiating Origin

of all the bonds and chains of kinship

that have ever been or

will ever be known





2 thoughts on “Feeling Like an Orphan

  1. Really love this post and can relate to every word 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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