Nine Ways to Ruin Your Own Life

After hearing thousands of sad life stories and reading thousands more, these seem to be the themes that lead to the most pain, violence, and despair.

  1. Justify things you do or have done that harm other people
  2. Refuse to learn, read, listen, take advice, and ask for help
  3. Lie and cover; put off owning the truth or dealing with it
  4. Believe you are superior to any person or group
  5. Resent someone, be jealous, hold grudges
  6. Be too proud to say you’re sorry
  7. Fail to be grateful
  8. Ignore or deny the miracle of you
  9. Build a life around fear

three things

Taking responsibility for these three behaviors will keep us from the nine ways to ruin our lives and give us nine lives worth living.


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