When Self-Pity Knocks, Give It the Ice Bucket Challenge

ice bucket

And after it is iced out, before sending Self-Pity on its way, tell Self-Pity you are busy…

  1. Making changes for your future.
  2. Showing gratitude and appreciation for what you have.
  3. On your way to make a difference for someone else.
  4. Harnessing your energy for a better tomorrow.
  5. Keeping your problems in perspective.
  6. Making a contribution in a world that needs you.
  7. Focusing on thoughts that are productive.
  8. Laughing at your own immaturity.
  9. Taking your own power back.
  10. And sick and tired of living like a victim!




5 thoughts on “When Self-Pity Knocks, Give It the Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. Perspective. I was in line at Walmart yesterday buying a Blood sugar meter, test strips , alcohol wipes, Hydrogen Peroxide and bandages – all to take care of myself, keep cuts and scrapes clean and uninfected, etc.
    I complained to the older cashier (my age) that I now know how old I am by the things I buy at Walmart.
    She looked pretty glum, as if she didn’t want to be standing at a cash register in Walmart and said:
    “Some people have to buy those things when they are young.”
    Simple and to the point.

  2. Some great points here & another good TRobbins quote. I like point #8 not only with respect to immaturity but in general. It’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves. We need to stop taking things so seriously! We have a short time here on Earth, let’s try to enjoy it, even if we do embarrass ourselves a bit in the process!!

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