A Critic with No Credentials


I’ve lied to avoid responsibility and blame

I’ve cheated and exaggerated

And had the nerve to condemn politicians

For the same

I’ve overreacted and underreacted

Said too much and said too little

Flown off the handle when I should have been patient

Stormed out when I should have stayed

And audaciously criticized others

For the same

I’ve been self-absorbed and short-sighted

Narrow minded and uninformed

So slow to see that the problem was me

And still was judge and jury for one

Who did the same

I’ve ignored suffering

Giving preference to my own comfort

And made wrong decisions

For wrong reasons

Can’t I forgive others for the same?




5 thoughts on “A Critic with No Credentials

  1. Well said! It has taken me too many years to learn that my honesty can hurt other people even if it wouldn’t hurt if said to me. Honesty can be the wrong thing if expressed at the wrong time without the right sensitivity.
    Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Well put! Great points.
    Sometimes we need more compassion even with ourselves.
    Wonderful discussion above- Justina you are so right.
    Being honest is a fine art that at times can be painful. But I so prefer it over sarcasm.

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