Uncertainty? Bring It On!


Not knowing.

Lacking clear direction for the future.

Afraid of what will happen with people, jobs, finances, or health.

These phrases used to describe the most unhappy and stressful times in my life: the times when I complained and whined to anyone who innocently asked, “How are you doing?”

This was before I realized that life would always be uncertain, that control would always be an illusion, and that happiness didn’t depend on things going “my way.”

Five reasons I now smile at the uncertain future:

  1. I’ve survived until now.
  2. So many of my heroes have survived radically tough stuff and made a difference for many.
  3. It saves time and energy.
  4. I like being around brave people.
  5. Adventurers are sexy. The fearful are not.


2 thoughts on “Uncertainty? Bring It On!

  1. Oh gosh. I don’t know if you’d believe me, but every time I’m feeling down, I go to your blog and somehow the things you say/post gives me hope. And you did it again with this post. I’m in a very unstable time of my life, mostly about work and you know how hard it is to feel this way. Thank you. Thank you for the upliftment 🙂

  2. Thank you Kim for letting me know! Sending hope ur way! Thanks for being strong

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